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New York City

Our client is a dynamic and extremely successful Hedge Fund with a very discreet demeanor. Headquartered in New York City, the firm has investments in public companies globally, and seeks to partner with management teams that are focused on growing the per share value of their companies over the long term. Investment strategy is long only and value investing.


This newly created position reports directly to the Chief Financial Officer, but will interface with the founding Partner’s, the Third Party Fund Administrators, tax advisors and vendors that service the organization.


To coordinate the various financial and administrative functions of the firm and to work with the CFO in bringing an enhanced structure to the organization.


The position brings a new level of professionalism to the firm focusing on responsibilities and functions that have not been previously administered or managed internally. This newly created role was necessitated by the growth of the firm and the inherent complexities that develop.

As this is a new role within the organization, it should be expected that the scope and responsibilities may change and expand.

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Specific responsibilities will include:

• A key element in the role of the Director will be for the first time to coordinate and oversee the 3rd Party Fund Administrator and the Tax Advisory service.
• Services provided, include monthly closings, on-boarding investors, preparation of the P&L and investor allocations. Each of these organizations has in the past worked independently and it is now imperative that there services be coordinated.
• Maintain the Trading Blotter.
• Oversee the preparation of the Management Company financial statements now being done by the Tax Advisory group.
• On a daily basis, prepare a P&L and reconcile P&L between the 3rd Party Administrator and Tax Advisory service, which has not been done previously.
• Review and monitor the monthly accruals for the funds and Management Company.
• Serve as the Compliance Administrator:
o Track personal trading accounts.
o Track charitable contributions.
o Assist with Form ADV, PV and other regulatory filings as needed.
• Manage and structure the vendor relationships.
• Develop a process that controls, monitors and maintains oversight of the vendors.
• As needed, develop various processes to ensure that the quality and integrity of work product continues to advance.
• Prepare and process wire transfer instructions.
• Various special projects as needed.


• As quickly as possible, gain a total understanding of everything the 3rd Party Fund Administrator and Tax Advisor is doing, and how they interact with each other. “What is going on and why?” Develop controls.

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• Develop an in depth understanding and awareness of the individual vendors that service the business, and develop processes to track their activity. Key will be to develop controls.


• Minimum of an undergraduate degree in Accounting or Finance with the experience to carry out the functions required in the position.
• Must have HEDGE FUND experience. Experience gained while working for a 3rd Party Fund Administrator would be helpful.
• Must be capable of working independently and taking on increasing responsibilities as the firm grows. Competent and focused.
• Detailed.
• Must be proactive, follow through on commitments and understand that deadlines are meaningful with a sense of urgency.
• “No attitudes”.
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